BSK Space Cadets

Ever since I read my first Asterix book, I wanted to write and draw comics. I sent my first submission off when I was sixteen and for years kept drawing ideas and sending them: Dinosaur cartoons, the Boss and ‘Infernal Affairs.’ ‘Freddie the Camel’ was my first commissioned work, at age twenty-six, and then ‘Lola Lickett—the Queen of Porn from Benidorm’ was published by an adult comic called ‘Smut.’

That led to my sending examples of work to The Beano. I received a personal letter from the editor saying how much he liked the work, but added that ‘Lola’ probably wasn’t suitable for his readers. However, I persisted in calling him and eventually he gave me a page of cartoon shorts to draw. Reading the comics he sent me, I got some story ideas for ‘the Bash Street Kids’ and sketched them out. He loved them and that was the beginning of my work for that publication.

Book cover image: Copyright D.C. Thomson Ltd.

5 thoughts on “Comics

  1. Hi Mike,

    I was an avid Beano reader 1994 – 2003(ish). You were, in my opinion, the greatest thing to happen to the comic over that period. After its 60th anniversary, I felt like it was all getting a bit tired and samey. Shortly after, you started the Three Bears and Bash St. Kids and I carried on buying just for your strips. They were so sharp, clever, the art was way better than the other strips and above all, they were actually FUNNY. The feature length comics will always stick with me. Anyway, this is getting a bit waffly now. Just wanted to say thanks for being awesome.

    “But where’s the wazzock?”
    “I’m looking at him.”

    Matt, age 26 1/2 🙂

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the huge compliment. I had great fun doing them as well, especially the Bash Street Kids. Good times.

  2. Dear Mike,

    I remember the feature length comics you made for the Beano and adored the three bears.

    I remember vividly the comic where they went to London and the Bash Street Kids school play… Do you know if I can get them anywhere for my own children?

    • Hi. Thanks for visiting! I remember that the Bash Street Nativity Play was reprinted in a hardback collection called ‘The Beano and Dandy Panto Time’ (six pages of which were my original script sketches). But apart from that, I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you. (Although, come to think of it, there was a website called Signore Studios who uploaded some of my strips.)

  3. Hi Matt

    Big fan of your work especially your take on the Bash Street Kids.

    Are you open to doing more work for the Beano in the future or are are you too busy doing other great things?

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