WIJ Illustratie13

‘IK’ by Remco Claassen was published in 2005. It was successful enough that a follow-up was commissioned and ‘WIJ’ was published in 2009. (Ik: I; Wij: We)

I had the pleasure of illustrating both. Remco and I sat together and he outlined the message he wanted for each chapter. Sometimes he had a specific illustration in mind; other times he knew the message, but left the illustration up to me. Afterwards, I came up with sketches, in English, that I emailed to him and the publisher and, once they approved an illustration, I drew it up with space for the publisher to insert the Dutch text themselves.

Link: https://mikepearsecomic.com/category/wij-sketches/

For more information on the books, go to http://www.remcoclaassen.nl

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