Remco Claassen

Remco 01

In 2004 I was going through a low period in my life and a good friend gifted me with four days in a monastery in Tilburg. I arrived in time for lunch and sat down with six or so other guests at a long table. Light conversation followed and the person opposite me asked what I did for a living. ‘I’m a cartoonist,’ I said and the man sitting next to me coughed, nearly choking on his apple juice.

The man was Remco Claassen, a business trainer and motivational speaker who had been invited to write a book by Spectrum Publishers. It was his first book and he gave himself a couple of days at the monastery to clarify what he actually wanted to say. He had the notion that his text could be illustrated with suitable cartoons, but he didn’t know how to go about finding a cartoonist.

And there I was.

To find out more about Remco:


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